Find out all the benefits provided by nowtice

Arrange and deliver notifications for Authorities, Response Centers or Business.

nowtice is designed to be used by Organizations and Institutions in any situation requiring a fast, effective and controlled communication, especially in the event of an Emergency. Companies and Industries can use it in everyday task too. Whether you wish to provide a weather alert, gather rescue teams or get in touch with your specialists, nowtice is all you need to ensure a timely action, and to automatise the most repetitive, error-prone activities. One single gesture is required to rely on different communication channels, promptly reaching the greatest number of recipients, always safeguarding users’ privacy and in compliance with the selected transmission settings and strategies.


One click, many channels

With a single transmission you can send your notifications via any media you select, from your web page to the smartphone of each recipient, or via e-mail, sms, automatic voice messages, and even the most common social networks!
Many of the available channels allow to receive feedback regarding the successful reception of each single notification, or to rapidly interact with a recipient, for example to check his/her operative availability at a given moment.


Set your Alerting Strategies

Do you wish to directly reach your teams in case of a weather emergency, while using e-mail for less urgent communications to the population, such as notifications related to road conditions?
With nowtice, this is not just possible, but also extremely easy! nowtice allows you to pre-set your own rules, and to create ready-to-use models, to facilitate your operations during the emergency. You can set your own escalation mechanisms, e.g choosing to send the alert via SMS first, and then – in case there is no answer – via App or Web. Or you can send your notifications simultaneously on several channels, using operations like and-or-not to combine different options.


Exclusive alerting via Smartphone App

nowtice provides a Smartphone App for Emergency Alerts.

This means that you can reach your targets without knowing their telephone numbers. No more outdated databases: even if the mobile phone number has changed, the alert system stays fully operative!
Moreover, the integrated App facilitates privacy management, and allows the implementation of highly refined alerting procedures, such as those based on the geographic location.


Technology and Cost Containment

nowtice is a cloud service: this allows to avoid installation costs, and involves no need to modify the technologies you normally use. You can start using this reliable, constantly updated tool right now, with little expense and great satisfaction.
nowtice is compliant with the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) and TSO (Tactical Situation Object) standards.


Extreme compatibility

nowtice works with the most widespread communication media, including: